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Vino Chardonnay Rutini Apartado Gran Reserva 750 Ml.

It has an intense golden color with greenish reflections. On the nose it offers aromas of tropical fruits accompanied by notes of vanilla and honey, provided by the aging time in the barrel. On the palate the aromatic palette of this unctuous, complex wine with a persistent finish is confirmed.

Vino Chardonnay Zuccardi Fosil San Pablo 750 Ml.

The personality of this white grape wine is nourished by the simplicity and freshness of the estate and its natural context, but at the same time by the strength and vitality of its brand. Linked to the identity of the alluvial soils of the Uco Valley, Fossil is something inert, ancient, something to explore or rediscover, representing what life was like...

Vino Chardonnay Diamandes Gran Reserva 750 Ml.

DiamAndes de Uco Grande Reserve Chardonnay is a 100% varietal wine, aged for at least 1 year in French oak barrels. Chardonnay achieves its full expression here, at a thousand meters of altitude, in these lands of clay, sand and stones, developing both on the nose and on the palate its entire aromatic palette, a delicate fruity and great complexity...

Vino Chardonnay Bianchi Maria Carmen 750 Ml.

Color of medium intensity greenish yellow with golden reflections. Of a complexity that will continue to increase over time as its distinguished personality in the bottle is further tempered. At the beginning, fresh fruity aromas of pineapple, ripe pear and white peach stand out, characteristic of Chardonnay from the San Rafael terroir in perfect...

Vino Chardonnay Viña Cobos Bramare 750 Ml.

Straw yellow, with green tones. The nose is fresh, of great purity, floral. It expresses notes of pear, green apple and hazelnuts. It is an intense wine, it shows a good balance between creaminess and acidity, which repeats the aromas perceived on the nose

Vino Chardonnay Monteviejo Lindaflor 750 Ml.

Bright yellow, golden color. Its aroma is extremely expressive, it refers to notes of white fruits and subtle spices. On the palate it is a wine of good weight, fresh and persistent. It is a balanced, fruity and elegant wine.

Vino Chardonnay Aleanna El Enemigo 750 Ml.

Golden colored wine with green hues. It presents delicate aromas of wild flowers and vegetables that recall the passage through oak for 12 months. In the mouth it is fresh and elegant, with a lot of personality. Its finish is harmonious and delicate. Gualtallary vineyards.

Vino Chardonnay Viña Cobos Felino 750 Ml.

This chardonnay stands out for its yellow, limpid color with green sparkles. It has a great intensity on the nose, with notes of fruits such as pear, peach and pineapple, as well as white flowers, orange blossom and delicate notes of bread peel. Good volume and smoothness on the palate; it has a lively acidity. It is an elegant wine, perfumed with great...

Vino Chardonnay Catena Zapata Angelica 750 Ml.

Angélica Chardonnay is a "single vineyard" that reflects the characteristics of the high altitude area where it originates. With sunny and warm days and cool nights at the foot of the Cordón del Plata, Chardonnay grapes acquire a full and well-balanced maturity. Its color is intense yellow with light greenish reflections. On the nose it is concentrated...

Vino Chardonnay Falasco Hermandad 750 Ml.

Falasco Wines
Light yellow in color with greenish reflections. Concentrated and intense with aromas of citrus, pineapple and green apple, intertwined with notes of vanilla carried by oak and some mineral characteristics of the soil. Of great concentration and elegance in the mouth, it has a sweet impact, very well balanced by acidity, with flavors of ripe white fruits...

Vino Chardonnay Rutini 750 Ml.

Gold, with strong green reflections. Intensely fruity aroma. Contact with the wood gives it the soft vanilla hint that ennobles its tropical fruit scent. It is long and complex, with excellent fruitiness and great persistence on the palate. A fine and balanced white.

Vino Chardonnay Lagarde Guarda 750 Ml.

The fruity expression and minerality are expressively developed in this wine, achieving an outstanding freshness and typicality. Yellow in color with golden and greenish reflections. Aroma of fresh white fruit of the peach and pear type, and flowers, fruits in syrup with moderate contributions of oak wood. It is very cool and elegant. The flowers and...

Vino Chardonnay Catena Zapata Dv Chardonnay Chardonnay 750 Ml.

DV Catena Chardonnay Chardonnay reflects characteristics of the areas where it originates. With warm sunny days and cool nights, Chardonnay grapes reach full, well-balanced maturity. Its color is intense yellow with light greenish reflections. Of great complexity and elegance, on the nose it is concentrated and intense, the La Pirámide vineyard provides...

La chardonnay es una variedad de uva de piel verde usada para hacer vino blanco. Es originaria de la región vitívinicola de Borgoña, en el este de Francia, pero ahora crece en todas partes donde se produce vino, desde Inglaterra hasta Nueva Zelanda. Para regiones vitícolas nuevas y en desarrollo está vista como un "rito de paso" y como una fácil entrada en el mercado internacional del vino.​

La uva chardonnay es muy neutral, con muchos de los sabores comúnmente asociados con la uva y los que derivan del terruño y del roble. Es vinificada en estilos muy diferentes, desde la magra, a vinos de mineral quebradizo de Chablis y de Francia al Nuevo Mundo con roble y con notas de frutas tropicales. En climas fríos, la chardonnay tiende a tener un cuerpo de medio a ligero, una notable acidez y sabores a ciruela verde, manzana y pera. En localizaciones cálidas los sabores se convierten en más cítricos y a melón y melocotón mientras que en localizaciones muy cálidas aparecen más notas de higo y frutas tropicales como la banana y el mango. Vinos que han pasado por la fermentación manoláctica tienden a tener una acidez más baja y sabores a frutas con una sensación más mantecosa en la boca y notas de avellana.

La chardonnay es un componente importante de muchos vinos espumosos alrededor del mundo, incluyendo los vinos espumantes. Un pico de popularidad a finales de los años 1980 dio lugar a una reacción acerca de este vino que hizo ver a la uva con un componente negativo por la globalización del vino. No obstante, sigue siendo una de las variedades de uva más ampliamente plantadas, con unas 160.000 hectáreas​ alrededor del mundo.

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