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    Diaphanous pink currant, with coppery nuances. The wine offers pleasant floral notes (jasmine), dried fruit (almond, walnut), coconut and vanilla, in a discreet robotic frame. The first sip discovers a dry and distinguished attack. Surprising in the mouth for its liveliness. But it is after several minutes, when the consistency of this unique rosappears....

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    Pale pink color with salmon hue. Elegant aromas reminiscent of red fruits such as cherry, with soft and pleasant floral notes. Fresh and fruity entry, with acidity and juiciness. On the palate it is round, with the presence of light tannins and a silky texture due to its contact with fine fluff. Medium balanced body and long and persistent finish in the...

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    Our Malbec Roshas a soft pink color. Its aroma shows a marked fruit intensity that reminds us of strawberries and fresh watermelon. Delicate on the palate, with sensations reminiscent of roses, raspberries and red fruits.

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    Made with vines of incomparable quality and the precise contribution of famous oaks from France and the United States. The careful aging allowed the new and little-known varieties of selected grapes to manifest their maximum typicity and to become wines of successful elegance, medium body and full aging potential. Roswith copper ruby reflections. A subtle...

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    Salmon pink, clear and bright. Intensely fruity, revealing notes of raspberry and ripe strawberries. Fresh and delicate. Sweet entry and moderate acidity. In the mouth the fruit notes stand out

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    Beautiful salmon pink color. Nose: presents aromas of white flowers and citrus. Fresh and elegant wine, ideal for a summer sunset.

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    It shows a bright intense pink color, accompanied by aromas of fresh plums, notes of vanilla and dulce de leche. Unctuous in the mouth, fresh and elegant.

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    COLOR Cherry red with salmon tones, bright. AROMAS Fresh raspberries, cherries, wild red fruits and citrus memories. MOUTH Delicate palate that tastes of grapefruit, cherry and raspberry. END: Balanced. Fresh acidity and intense fruity taste.

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    It has a cherry red color, limpid and of great intensity. With fruit aromas, sour cherries, strawberries and elegant notes of violets that increase its complexity. In the mouth it is a medium-bodied wine, in perfect harmony with its delicate acidity. It is fresh, delicate and seductive, a perfect companion for various types of food. This is a wine that...

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    COLOR: light pink, light and bright.AROMA: fresh ripe fruit, such as peach and strawberry. FLAVOR: refreshing and lively with a long and persistent finish.

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    On the nose, an explosion of fruit, jams and notes of roses. Very attractive. In the mouth, the notes of the aromas return accompanied by a crisp and fresh natural acidity, which makes it very juicy and easy to drink, with a long and very pleasant finish.

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    Ambiguo "is a white wine made from red grapes, made in such a way that it can be a calm wine or a sparkling wine, depending on what the person who wants to drink wants it.

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    A careful vinification has allowed to highlight and expand the fruit aromas typical of the variety and the freshness of this wine. It is meant to be drunk young.

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    Se trata de un vino chispeante, pero no por tener aguja, sino por su nervio, una acidez que refresca y que resalta el carter de las frutas rojas frescas. Y si bien se trata de una sangr del DiamAndes de Uco, esttan bien logrado que se deja tomar muy fil.

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    Fresh wine with a slight rosy color and aromas of fresh red fruits such as strawberries and floral notes. Balanced acidity and alcohol, it becomes an ideal wine as an aperitif.

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