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  • Color: soft pink, with bright orange hues, good bubbles and persistent crown. Nose: dried peaches, toasted bread and nutmeg, with hints of red fruit. Mouth: sweet, creamy and structured entry.

  • Characterized by its typical French style of intense amber color and small bubbles, it is a high-end sparkling wine. A pronounced light intensity, low fertility soils and low rainfall are typical of this high altitude desert.

  • Color: Intense gold with green edges. Aromas: Intense and complex where grapefruit, jasmine and a mineral note stand out. Taste: Delicate and silky with great freshness and excellent acidity. Tasty with a mineral finish.

  • Reminiscent of fresh sour cherries, strawberry yogurt and tropical background with floral hints and caramel-like caramel. On the palate it is dry with a creamy texture and mousse that fills the palate. Moderate freshness in a long finish with a fruity aftertaste.

  • Sparkling wine with an attractive color, it presents a delicate and persistent perlage. On the nose it is expressive, highlighting a complex bouquet, where citrus and toasted notes predominate. On the palate its imprint stands out, a delicate attack, with a very good structure and where the complexity stands out again . Excellent balance and persistent.

  • intense aroma reminds of cherries, apricots and honey with a delicate note of toast. The palate is broad and creamy. Its fine and persistent bubble completes this elegant, complex and intense sparkling wine.

  • Intense gold, with greenish reflections. The bubble is small, lazy and very persistent. Its aromas and flavor are complex; and its notes describe the long time of contact with yeasts: bread without baking, brioche, fruits (pineapple, white peach, citrus) .The finish is clean and fresh.

  • Luigi Bosca Brut Nature is a sparkling pale yellow sparkling wine. Its aromas are balanced and subtle, with notes of white fruit and nuts. In the mouth it is refreshing, with a wide and vibrant palate, with fine and persistent bubbles. With its own character, good structure and a pleasant and tense finish. It is a special wine, conceived to celebrate...

  • View: Greenish yellow, medium intensity, compact foam and good persistence. Constant detachment of bubbles, dense crown that covers the entire surface. Aroma: Notes of ripe apricots, pineapple and baking aromas appear. Mouth: Excellent creaminess provided by small bubbles. Good body, balanced acidity and a hint of green apples with subtle coconut notes.

  • Intense and sophisticated. Greenish-yellow in color, it presents a constant fine and continuous chain of bubbles. Large volume in the mouth. The notes of honey are present again, combining with notes of cereals. Balanced and fatty, fresh and pronounced finish. Elegant and delicate sensation of creaminess when combined with white fruit aromas

  • The Torront gives us an attractive golden color with greenish notes. On the nose it is very elegant with a medium-high aromatic intensity, where you can find aromas of muscat, fresh flowers and some tropical fruits. On the palate we find a fresh wine with balanced acidity, where muscat aromas appear again, giving us a wine with a fairly long and pleasant...

  • Its elegant ruby red captivates, its intense aromas of strawberries and raspberries delight, while its balance and harmony offers us a pleasant and harmonious finish.

  • Golden color of medium intensity. Fine bubbles. Delicate notes of tropical and citrus fruits of good intensity and with a marked presence of toasted and dry bread. Splendid mouth. Fresh, elegant and traditional at the same time. Its passage is harmonious, structured and with a long finish and without edges. Very fine.

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