Blend Blanco

blend blanco

En todo el mundo la práctica de cortar vinos es mucho más frecuente entre los tintos que entre los blancos y la explicación es muy clara: los vinos blancos son más simples y se elaboran para beberse jóvenes que es cuando mejor se expresan de un modo directo y sin grandes complejidades. A veces, al cortar dos frescos y perfumados vinos blancos del año se pueden anular sus mejores características en lugar de ser una mezcla positiva como ocurre con los tintos. Sin embargo, la técnica del blend existe entre los vinos blancos y se da cada vez más en varios países del mundo.

Los blends blancos se elaboran primero como varietales y recién después de que maduran se hacen los cortes. No existe una receta única, se realizan por degustación seleccionando las mejores partidas.

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Blend Blanco

Alandes - Paradoux - Blend Blanco - 750 Ml.

The aroma is reminiscent of flowers, rue, pink grapefruit and herbaceous. Its color is medium yellow with greenish notes and steely reflections. It has green fruity notes, hints of minerals and lively acidity. A harmonious, vibrant white blend that reflects the ratio of Bordeaux - grape varieties inherited from Mendoza.
Blend Blanco

Bressia - Lagrima Canela - 750 Ml

Tears of happiness, passionate and sensual, are brought on by this blend, from the most intimate place, to transform them into pleasure and hypnotism. The cinammon of the soul is combined with sweetness and delirium in this original "assemblage". It is an intense greenish-yellow wine with luminous golden highlights. It has fresh, elegant floral aromas...
Blend Blanco

Ver Sacrum - Geisha De Jade - Blend - 750 Ml.

Yellow color with golden reflections, limpid and bright, it presents an intense aromatic profile, with hints of honey, peach in syrup, fresh flowers, fresh herbs such as thyme, and the marsanne varietal gives us aromas of toasted nuts, pears, white peach. In its mouth it presents an intense mouth volume, medium acidity, intense body and a persistent...
Blend Blanco

Piedra Negra - Gran Lurton - Corte Friulano - 750 Ml.

Piedra Negra
Golden colored wine with reflections of the same very long color. The aromas of flower and tropical fruits accompany the roundness of the palate. Its finish is long and velvety.
Blend Blanco

Ernesto Catena - Alma Negra - Blanco - 750 Ml.

Ernesto Catena Vineyards
Aromas of white pear, fruits, white flowers, cloves and vanilla oak. Very concentrated and outlined, with energetic acidity giving a firm edge to the flavors of lemon peel, white flowers and licorice. With a refreshing acidity and a very good grip and duration.
Blend Blanco

Norton - Altura - White Blend - 750 Ml.

This blend perfectly combines exceptional citrus notes such as orange peel with lively aromas of kumquats. Frank and harmonious volume with a long and persistent finish.
Blend Blanco

Mythic - Blanc De Blancs - 750 Ml.

Elegant yellow wine with golden tones. On the nose it presents a beginning of tropical fruits such as pineapple, as well as citric notes. On the palate it maintains an elegant acidity where tropical fruits are once again found. With a long and complex finish, it shows refreshing acidity and an attractive mineral profile.
Blend Blanco

Mala Junta - La Resistance - Blend De Blancas - 750 Ml

Mala Junta
Bright lemon yellow with hints of orange. On the nose it is floral, melon, tropical fruits, grapefruit, and a finish of coconut and butter due to its short time in wood. The palate is balanced, fresh and round while sweet notes stand out with a good acid balance. Persistent and round aftertaste.
Blend Blanco

Encubierto - Blend De Blancas - 750 Ml

Finca La Escarcha
In this case, their White blend is made with grapes from the Uco Valley, although they do not reveal which strains it is made of. However, its freshness, true to its origin in height, is the key to its flavor with nuances of citrus, fresh white fruits and flowers. Frank and light palate.
Blend Blanco

Domaine Bousquet - Torrontes/chardonnay - 750 Ml

Domaine Bousquet
Bright greenish yellow with good intensity. Intense and fruity tropical aromas: pineapple, mango and peach, with delicate citrus and mineral notes. It has a persistent and intense beginning on the palate, with notes of fresh fruits with a good balance and a lingering finish in the mouth.
Blend Blanco

Amalaya - Torrontes Riesling - 750 Ml.

Intense yellow with striking golden reflections. Delicate and very complex aroma. The hints of flowers are combined with honey, ripe fruits in syrup and a soft note of vanilla. On the palate it is unctuous and dense, with a high level of acidity that is refreshing and manages to perfectly balance its sweet flavor.
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