Altos Las Hormigas - La Danza - Blend...
Altos Las Hormigas - La Danza - Blend...
Altos Las Hormigas - La Danza - Blend...
Altos Las Hormigas - La Danza - Blend...
Altos Las Hormigas - La Danza - Blend...

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Altos Las Hormigas - La Danza - Blend - 750 Ml


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It is a wine with a bright and attractive color, which on the nose combines notes of red fruit and spices, but at the same time displays subtle citrus notes reminiscent of the peel of a fresh tangerine. On the palate it is a round wine, very easy to drink, with a silky texture and an intense flavor. The finish is linear and fresh, with a pleasant acidity that invites you to continue drinking.


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Bodega Altos las Hormigas aims to create authentic wines that speak of their origin. Combine the strong winemaking cultures of Italy, Argentina, Chile, and California, then add a Terroir PhD, global winemaking experience, local viticulture, biodynamic practices, and tie it all together with a strong personal bond, and we firmly believe that the end result can be nothing. less than exciting. This is a wine of great pleasure, which runs and remains in the mouth. A classic Mendoza in a vintage of exceptional quality. Blended of 100 % Malbec grapes harvested by hand. Grapes from vineyards mainly from Lujan de Cuyo and a smaller percentage from Valle de Uco, Mendoza, Argentina. Or semi-desert climate, with fresh days and noites.

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Crianza en madera
Lujan De Cuyo
Composición varietal
9 Items

About Altos Las Hormigas

Soon after, old friends and partners, also enthusiastic about the idea, joined the company: Attilio Pagli, renowned Tuscan winemaker with two 100-point wines in his personal file, and Carlos Vazquez, who attended Altos Las Hormigas from the beginning with his lifelong experience in vineyard management in Mendoza. Thus, for more than 20 years Altos Las Hormigas has been the specialist in Malbec in Mendoza. In the winery, the Tuscan heritage in winemaking is combined with the Cuyo experience in the management of the vineyards, to offer a unique wine that reflects a deep and authentic expression of its terroir.


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