Vino Blend Clos De Los 7 750 Ml.

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Vino Blend Clos De Los 7 750 Ml.


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An intense red blend with aromas of ripe red fruits and spices. It has ripe tannins that give a feeling of roundness and a lasting breadth and finish.

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54% Malbec, 18% Merlot, 12% Cabernet-Sauvignon, 12% Syrah, 3% Petit Verdot, 1% Cabernet Franc.

Product Details

Estilo de vino
Tinto Persistentes de Cuerpo
Método de elaboración
Fermentación regular
Crianza en madera
Entre 1100 y 1200 msnm
type of container
línea ó Segmento
Gran reserva
Región Atlántica
Zona Vitivinícola
Mendoza Norte
Lo compartiría con alguien especial
12 Items

About Clos De Los 7

Michel Rolland "discovered" Argentina in 1988. Feeling seduced by this country: its environment, its people, the beauty of its landscapes, its culture ... and its formidable wine-growing potential, he very soon acquired the conviction that Argentina met all the conditions to produce a top quality wine.

During his search, Michel Rolland, associated with Jean Michel Arcaute, Bordeaux winegrower Pomerol, discovered about 100 km south of Mendoza, the last great city before reaching the majestic Cordillera de los Andes, an ideal enclave of 800 ha, a 1,100 meters of altitude, with a unique solar exposure, soils made up of pebbles, clay and sand covered with a sparse semi-desert vegetation; dotted here and there by huge rocks, witnesses of prehistory. Thus began the story of the Clos.

“There are good terroirs everywhere but Argentina has a privileged geographical situation. Its position with respect to the Andes Mountains allows it to play with the altitude and soften the temperatures in a country bathed in the sun. Its soils, made up of dragging material from the mountain range (gravel and stones), are especially interesting ”. - Michel Rolland

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