Vino Cabernet Franc Gimenez Riili...
Vino Cabernet Franc Gimenez Riili...
Vino Cabernet Franc Gimenez Riili...
Vino Cabernet Franc Gimenez Riili...
Vino Cabernet Franc Gimenez Riili...

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Vino Cabernet Franc Gimenez Riili Padres Dedicados 750 Ml.

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Subtle, balanced and with a defined personality, it shows on the nose the herbal and spicy notes so rich in Cabernet Franc. It has a medium body, round with great aromatic intensity, vibrant tannins and a delicate aftertaste.


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The Gimenez Riili family has been linked to viticulture since 1945, when Don Pedro Gimenez chose the lands of Maipú and Valle de Uco to sow his dreams and harvest the best grapes. He was the one who transmitted his passion for wine to his son Eduardo. In the third generation, Pablo, Federico and Juan Manuel add to the wisdom of their grandfather and the experience of their father. A traditional past, a successful present, a promising future. Origin, Argentina. Located in the Cuyo region, Valle de Uco Oeste.

Product Details

Cabernet Franc
Estilo de vino
Tintos De Persistencia Media
Método de elaboración
Fermentación regular
Crianza en madera
Entre 1200 y 1300 msnm
type of container
línea ó Segmento
Tunuyán- Los Chacayes
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About Gimenez Riili

The story goes that since the end of the 19th century the passion for wines runs through the veins of the Giménez Riili family. Back in 1890 from Sicily and in search of new horizons, Don Fernando Riili arrived in Argentina, with his wife Antonia Vacante and five of their thirteen children. The full family settled in Colonia Segovia, Guaymallén, in the province of Mendoza. They say that the soils of the area captivated Don Fernando to begin the dream of his own vine growing outside of Europe. In the midst of this laborious task, his remaining 8 children were born there, including Fernando Riili. Together they create one of the first family wineries in the area, providing Mendoza residents with good demijohn wines. Years later, Fernando Riili (son) married Irma Gudiño and they have two daughters: María and Susana Riili. This is the beautiful story of dreams and prosperity of the Riili. On the other hand and back in 1905, from the magical land of Granada, in Andalusia, Spain, Don Pedro Gimenez Padilla arrived in Mendoza at the age of eight, along with his parents and brothers. The Giménez settled in Maipú, precisely in the district called Kilometer 8 and there they dedicated themselves with great care to the work of the land.

Years later and already married to Angela Escobar with whom he had seven children (including Eduardo), he began to dream of planting his own vineyard. In 1945 that long-awaited dream finally came true, acquiring a property in the La Primavera district, also in Maipú, and together with his children, he devoted himself to the patient cultivation of the vine. This is the history of work and desires of the Giménez. It happened then that some years passed and Eduardo Giménez met Susana Riili and the stories began to intertwine dreams and passions. In 1967, Eduardo finally married Susana and after the death of his father, together with his brothers, they acquired and refurbished a winery in Rodeo de la Cruz in the department of Guaymallén, where they began to make their own wines, for later commercialization. . As a result of work and drive, in 1972 the Giménez brothers also built a new, larger winery in Rodeo de la Cruz, where they continued to develop the family tradition. From the love of Eduardo Gimenez and Susana Riili 5 male children are born, who, very united from childhood, inherit and share the same passion for viticulture as their parents and ancestors. The Giménez Riili, already have their own shared history from the family union, the diversity of thoughts and the commitment to look forward with passion, brotherhood and work.

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