Vino Cabernet Sauvignon Finca Suarez...
Vino Cabernet Sauvignon Finca Suarez...
Vino Cabernet Sauvignon Finca Suarez...
Vino Cabernet Sauvignon Finca Suarez...
Vino Cabernet Sauvignon Finca Suarez...

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Vino Cabernet Sauvignon Finca Suarez 750 Ml.

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This is the first Cabernet that Finca Suarez produces, the farm has six hectares of Cabernet. Juanfa Suarez says that this vine produces very small bunches and that from there very vertical wines are obtained and without much vegetal note. A delicious cherry juice, spiced with herbal notes that add complexity. The blend has between 10 and 15% Malbec, cofermented.

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The project takes place in the lands that our grandfather, the engineer Leopoldo Suarez, chose at the beginning of the last century. He imagined a story and developed his idea in a place that was a desert discarded by immigrants at the time. For four generations they have been working and relating to this beautiful place, going through good and bad, we continue with a strong sense of belonging and respect for this land. Paraje Altamira is in the heart of the alluvial cone of the Tunuyán River, in the foothills of the Andes Mountains.

Product Details

Cabernet Sauvignon
Método de elaboración
Fermentación regular
Crianza en madera
Entre 1100 y 1200 msnm
type of container
Región Atlántica
Zona Vitivinícola
Mendoza Oeste
2 Items

About Finca Suarez

They believe that to achieve great wines they have to have balanced plants in a healthy environment, that is why the vineyard is where most of their work is concentrated. From pruning to harvest, all tasks are carried out with the utmost detail and with a deep respect for the land.

All the wines are made only with grapes from their farms in Paraje Altamira. They look for wines that speak of the mountains, calcareous soils, warm days, cool nights and their own history in this land.

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