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Vino Chardonnay Diamandes Gran Reserva 750 Ml.


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DiamAndes de Uco Grande Reserve Chardonnay is a 100% varietal wine, aged for at least 1 year in French oak barrels. Chardonnay achieves its full expression here, at a thousand meters of altitude, in these lands of clay, sand and stones, developing both on the nose and on the palate its entire aromatic palette, a delicate fruity and great complexity (apple, tropical fruits, citrus , pears).

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The name DiamAndes emerged as a play on words between Diamante and Andes (the mountain range that gives it its framework). The DiamAndes winery, co-producer of the prestigious Clos de los Siete, has its facilities, whose architecture blends with the wonderful Andean landscapes, allowing the production of wines in exceptional conditions since the 2007 vintage.

Product Details

Estilo de vino
Blanco untuoso y complejo
Método de elaboración
Fermentación regular
Crianza en madera
100% roble francés, 50% roble nuevo - 50% primer uso duración de crianza 10 meses
Entre 1000 y 1100 msnm
type of container
línea ó Segmento
Gran reserva
Región Atlántica
Zona Vitivinícola
Valle de Uco
Ideal para una cena romántica
4 Items

About Diamandes

The winery was built by the Mendoza architects Mario Yanzón and Eliana Bórmida. One of the guiding concepts of the project is to value the fundamental relationship that exists between wine and nature. Sharing the philosophy of its owners, the construction of the winery was carried out under the premise of respect for nature and harmony with the environment. In order to produce optimally, numerous works were carried out in the area. Among them, a 4 km underground power line in order to preserve the beauty of the landscape.

One of the guiding concepts of the project is to value the fundamental relationship that exists between wine and nature. That is why we have worked integrally with the Andean architecture and landscape, creating unpublished routes and designs, adapted to the place in its scale, shape and materials. The layout of the plant is pure, linear, with the reception of the harvest and selection of grapes at one end and the dispatch area of ​​the finished product at the other. The fermentation, conservation and storage warehouses are buried at different levels in the ground, responding to the modern system of production by gravity and the search for natural thermal insulation.

The winery is also designed to receive visitors, in order to provide them with a unique experience, to better understand the product and carry out tastings in the place of origin. Bodega DiamAndes was the winner with a gold medal of the international award in the category "Architecture, parks and gardens ”of the“ Best Of Wine Tourism 2011 ”contest, organized by the global Great Wine Capitals network.

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