Aniapa - Grappa - Syrah - 500 Ml.
Aniapa - Grappa - Syrah - 500 Ml.
Aniapa - Grappa - Syrah - 750 Ml.
Aniapa - Grappa - Syrah - 750 Ml.
Aniapa - Grappa - Syrah - 750 Ml.
Aniapa - Grappa - Syrah - 750 Ml.

Aniapa - Grappa - Syrah - 750 Ml.

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Crystalline and colorless, it displays an intense and sweet aroma, leaving a perfume of figs and citrus. It has a pleasant and delicate flavor, with a hint of raisin typical of the variety and a sensation of citrus and figs in the mouth, which lingers in a pleasant way.

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Grappa is a marc brandy with an alcohol content that varies between 38 and 60 degrees. It is obtained by distillation of grape marc, that is, the solid parts of the harvest that are not used in the previous winemaking. It is consumed in Italy, Italian Switzerland, Argentina, Bulgaria, Uruguay and other countries.

The generic name in Spanish is marc brandy, and in each country it receives a different denomination, depending on the local language and tradition: thus, marc brandy is part of the same type of drink as French marc, Italian or Slovenian staples , the Portuguese bagaceiras or the Greek tsipouros.

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About Aniapa

In 1870 Pablo Loos arrived in Argentina from Germany; Together with Dr. Pouget they founded the first Agricultural School of Mendoza. Among other things, Pablo Loos studied the behavior of the Andean wind called Zonda and its impact on the natural distribution of water in the region, which is of great importance for fruit and vegetable producers in the province. At the end of the 1890s, Dr. Loos' son-in-law, Juan José Gaspar Hilbing, also of German origin, planted the first 400 hectares of Malbec, which today is the emblematic varietal of Argentina.

He founded the winery "La Alemana" with a capacity of 15 million liters and had its own railroad bypass to distribute wine throughout the country.

Then, in 1922, Fritz Wiebe, a brewmaster, arrived in Argentina Mendoza; Otto Bemberg hired him to start up the largest brewery in Argentina, “Quilmes-Andes”.

As a result of the union of these families, Rolando Hilbing was born, he became the first Master Distiller of Argentina and together with his son Walter, created Hilbing Franke Distillery.

Located in Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, one of the best areas where outstanding wines are produced in Argentina. Mendoza has exceptional conditions for the production of raw materials, along with high purity water from the snows of the Andes Mountains, fundamental elements for the production of high quality spirits that can compete with the best brands.

The staple is one of the oldest spirits in the world. Originally from the town of Bassano de Grappa in northern Italy, this drink is obtained by distilling grape marc.

Aniapa is ideal for pairing within the gastronomy with fatty meats such as lamb, pork, or certain cuts of beef, or in sauces to accompany different types of stuffed pasta. But it also supports more creative combinations with soft goat cheeses, sushi mixes or Mexican tacos etc.

It can also be used in cocktails to obtain drinks of exotic flavors, or as a bajative after meals or it is possible to use it in pastries, and even simply to accompany a good coffee, or entertain a meeting of friends. The ideal serving temperature is between 15º and 18º C.


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