Vino Malbec Budeguer Tucumen 750 Ml
Vino Malbec Budeguer Tucumen 750 Ml
Vino Malbec Budeguer Tucumen 750 Ml
Vino Malbec Budeguer Tucumen 750 Ml
Vino Malbec Budeguer Tucumen 750 Ml

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Vino Malbec Budeguer Tucumen 750 Ml


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Dark violet nuances, aromas of ripe fruits, cherries, plums and blackberries. With a subtle floral note of violets and roses, typical of this variety, it translates into a balanced wine with hints of vanilla and coffee provided by its aging in oak barrels. Tasting this wine reveals its elegance in the mouth, its balanced acidity that provides freshness and aromatic persistence.


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Juan Jose Budeguer since 2005 makes his dream of wine a reality in Mendoza. The passion and devotion for work together with the tireless search for excellence in every detail, are the heritage of a family from the north of Argentina, who chose the lands of Maipú and Agrelo, to make wines that honor their legacy.

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Método de elaboración
Fermentación regular
Crianza en madera
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Maipú y Valle de Uco
32 Items

About Bodegas Budeguer

The lands where our winery cultivates have an alluvial origin, so they present very heterogeneous characteristics. This allowed to implant each varietal in the soil that had the best attributes to enhance its expressiveness.

The vineyards are driven by a high trellis system and the harvest is carried out entirely by hand, which guarantees the quality and care of the grains from the moment of harvest until they arrive at the winery. The entire surface has drip irrigation that allows exact control of the water according to the needs of each plant. The water comes from the mountain melt and is contained in a beautiful dam that acts as a mirror for the sun and the stars in the Mendoza sky.

Federico Bizzotto is Budeguer's chief winemaker who is in charge of interpreting the potential and personality of each terroir that gives life to his beloved wines.

Fresh, lively, modern and very expressive, each Federico wine represents the family's philosophy, but also its way of being and enjoying the passion of making unique and unforgettable wines.

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