Salentein - Reserva - Malbec - 750 Ml.
Salentein - Reserva - Malbec - 750 Ml.
Salentein - Reserva - Malbec - 750 Ml.
Salentein - Reserva - Malbec - 750 Ml.
Salentein - Reserva - Malbec - 750 Ml.

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Salentein - Reserva - Malbec - 750 Ml.


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At sight it has a high intensity purplish red color. On the nose it is perceived fresh, intense and complex, aromas of red fruits, black berries, delicate floral notes stand out. In the mouth it has a sweet and smooth entry, it is fresh, fruity and of good intensity, wide in the middle mouth and long finish.


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The objective of Bodegas Salentein is clear: to produce wines of the highest quality, committed to the land where they are born. During its preparation, Salentein respects nature and, at the same time, gets involved with the local community; because people become an essential component that is reflected in the expression of the wines.

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Crianza en madera
Entre 1200 y 1300 msnm
type of container
Va con el paisaje de los viñedos mendocinos
Composición varietal
Graduación Alcohólica
64 Items

About Salentein

The winery is located at an altitude of 1,200 meters, right in the center of the vineyards. More than 49 hectares of native desert habitat were conserved, and are part of the daily landscape of the winery. The western horizon is dominated by the nearby snow-capped Andes, which rise to more than 6,100 meters.

The magnificent wine cellar was designed with two aspects in mind: form and function. The cross shape facilitates careful handling of grapes and wine, while reducing the path that both fruits and their product travel through the different stages of production. Each wing constitutes in itself a small warehouse with two levels.

In the first, stainless steel tanks and French oak vats enable fermentation and storage. In the underground level, meanwhile, the wine is aged in oak barrels. Both floors allow the liquid to circulate from the tanks to the barrels through a traditional gravity transfer system.

The four wings converge in a circular central chamber, similar to an amphitheater, built with the classical temples of antiquity as inspiration.


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