Vino Organico Alpamanta Natal Petit...
Vino Organico Alpamanta Natal Petit...
Vino Organico Alpamanta Natal Petit...
Vino Organico Alpamanta Natal Petit...
Vino Organico Alpamanta Natal Petit...

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Vino Organico Alpamanta Natal Petit Verdot 750 Ml.


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Alpamanta Natal Petit Verdot is a young and fresh wine made with selected grapes from a unique plot of our vineyard. It expresses spicy aromas and a touch of black fruit and purple flower. On the palate, it has good acidity, good tannic structure and a long finish.


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Crianza en madera
Criado 10 meses en tanque de inox
Zona Vitivinícola
Mendoza Centro
Luján de Cuyo
3 Items

About Alpamanta

In 2005 three close friends, Andrej Razumovsky from Austria and his cousin André Hoffmann from Switzerland, both descendants of the noble Sayn Wittgenstein Wine Family, joined French Jeremie Delecourt, whose family owns Chateaux de la Crois Bontar, producer of rosés in the Cotes de Provence region, to found a boutique winery in Mendoza, Argentina. This project was born from heritage and passion for the world of wine.

The word in the local indigenous culture means "Love for the Earth". A key aspect of native culture has always been to work and coexist in harmony with nature and the environment. That is why loving the land is his motto and his way of caring for the Terroir.

ALPAMANTA's commitment is to work harmoniously with nature and produce wines that respect and express the terroir. Looking for a respectful relationship between the vineyard, the man and the terroir. That is why from the beginning, they certify and work their vineyards in an organic and biodynamic way.

Its vineyards are on carefully chosen lands that are 950 meters above sea level. Soils with mixed textures between sands, clays and silts, with the presence of subsurface calcareous. Focusing its agricultural practices on respect for the soil and its biodiversity, helping the ecosystem to remain in balance.

All ALPAMANTA wines are made from certified organic-biodynamic grapes, 100% from its own vineyard to identify the Terroir.

Through the use of state-of-the-art technology we keep the handling of the vinification processes from harvest to bottling to a minimum (low amount of sulphites, native yeasts, minimal filtration). They use the lightest bottles on the market, as well as boxes and capsules made with recycled products, with maximum respect for the environment.

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