La Azul - Gran Reserva - Syrah - 750 Ml.
La Azul - Gran Reserva - Syrah - 750 Ml.
La Azul - Gran Reserva - Syrah - 750 Ml.
La Azul - Gran Reserva - Syrah - 750 Ml.
La Azul - Gran Reserva - Syrah - 750 Ml.

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La Azul - Gran Reserva - Syrah - 750 Ml.


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At sight a deep red color with purple flashes is perceived. On the nose gooseberries, black pepper, leather, chocolate and some floral notes. In the mouth we find a wine with character and structure but with sweet and pleasant tannins.


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Bodega La Azul is nothing more than a small redoubt that lives at the foot of the imposing Cordón del Plata, part of the Cordillera de Los Andes, in the Uco Valley, the heart of the province of Mendoza. Bodega La Azul produces its own grapes, a fundamental aspect when producing a good wine.

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Crianza en madera
18 meses 30% roble americano 70% roble frances.
Vista Flores
Es un vino ideal para acompañar comidas bien condimentadas, carnes rojas y de caza.
6 Items

About La Azul

The winery has a capacity of 59,000 liters in stainless steel tanks. The varietal line will end its way in the bottle, after passing through the tanks; the Reserva lines, on the other hand, will go into barrels: 70% French oak and 30% American oak; that with its different toasts and aromas subtly modify for long months the wine that sleeps inside.

This is their way of making grapes, making wine, and also, of course, drinking it, enjoying it and giving it the place it deserves: the party. With this in mind, Ezequiel undertook his own project within La Azul: the Restó.

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