Vino Torrontes Altaland 750 Ml
Vino Torrontes Altaland 750 Ml
Vino Torrontes Altaland 750 Ml
Vino Torrontes Altaland 750 Ml
Vino Torrontes Altaland 750 Ml

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Vino Torrontes Altaland 750 Ml


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Delicate, elegant and distinguished with floral notes of roses combined with citrus aromas and a touch of spice.

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Altaland is a wine dedicated to highlighting the extraordinary vitola and cultural diversity of Argentina and its regions.

Product Details

Estilo de vino
Blanco Fresco y Frutal
Método de elaboración
Fermentación regular
Crianza en madera
Entre 1100 y 1200 msnm
type of container
línea ó Segmento
Blend de regiones
Zona Vitivinícola
Mendoza Oeste/ Mendoza Este
Excelente opción para regalar.
5 Items

About Altaland

Each of the varietals express very clearly what each strain denotes in our country. Through its labels you can travel through the main wine regions of the nation (Salta, La Rioja, Mendoza and Patagonia). Altaland offers a renewed image of Argentine wine, in a gastronomic style. They are young wines and ready to be enjoyed at any time. With a very careful preparation.

MENDOZA, Tinto Histórico, Malbec Verdot. Tinto Histórico brings us back to a time at the beginning of the 20th Century when blends dominated the Argentine wine table.  The most classic blend was made of Malbec and Verdot (the local name for Petit Verdot), and it was known for its rich aromatics and luxurious finish. At the time, many of Mendoza's vineyards were planted with a field blend of Malbec and Verdot which was called La Francesa. 

LA RIOJA, Syrah. The province of La Rioja in Argentina was named by the Spanish conquerors after the famous winemaking region in Spain. The best known historic figure of La Rioja Argentina was the warlord Facundo Quiroga who terrorized the central government of Buenos Aires during Argentina's civil war. Quiroga and his horseback followers waged war from the mountainous trails of La Rioja. La Rioja is wild and stunningly romantic, with llamas, goats, ñandu and horses roaming in the wild and the largest number of Carnival holidays of any Argentine province. The abundant hills shade the vineyards from the bright afternoon sun, and syrah thrives here from this magical combination of sunlight, mineral-rich soils and cool mountain nights.

SALTA, Torrontés - Cabernet Sauvignon. In Salta, to the North of Argentina, every road is curving, cows and donkeys take naps on the narrow country ways and food service is acceptably delayed when the local futbol team plays on television. Colorful flowers and herbs line windows and gardens, and everything from the food to the wines, is spicy and aromatic like it's famous white wine variety Torrontés.  It is a land where legend explains everything, from the colorful red mountain formations to the origin of viticulture.  Folklore says that in the late 18th century, the daughter of the last Spanish governor was studying in Paris and brought back vines from Bordeaux at her father's request.  One of these vines was Cabernet Sauvignon, and to this day the variety thrives in Salta, displaying a spicy-minty aroma that denotes its origin.

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