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Rosado Malbec

Vino Rosado Caelum 750 Ml.

Fresh wine with a slight pink color and aromas of fresh red fruits such as strawberry and floral notes. With balanced acidity and alcohol, it becomes an ideal wine as an aperitif.
Rosado Criolla

Vino Rosado Criolla Lorca Fantasia 750 Ml.

Pink color with violet hues, on the nose reminiscent of wild flowers, cherry and cherry. In the sweet mouth, very fresh, ideal to consume as an aperitif.
Rosado De Garnacha

Vino Rosado Aqui Estamos Todos Locos Rosado Garnacha 750 Ml.

Stone Grenache from old vineyards in Algarrobo Grande, Junin. A wine with a very delicate reddish color and very fresh fruity aromas. The palate is light, fruity and fresh thanks to its high acidity. Medium intensity on the palate, with a nose dominated by fruity notes, marked tannins, elegant acidity and a medium finish. An easy-drinking wine. Limited...
Rosado Pinot Noir

Vino Rosado Nieto Senetiner Believe In Rose 750 Ml.

Pale pink, clean and bright. On the nose, the freshness of this wine stands out, presenting white flowers, red fruits like currants and raspberries, red apple, and some citrus touches. In the mouth it is linear and sharp, with a fresh and juicy entry and a long finish due to its acidity that gives it harmony and length.
Rosado Malbec

Vino Rosado De Malbec Septima Emblema 750 Ml

Pale pink with a salmon hue. Elegant aromas reminiscent of red fruits such as cherries, with subtle, pleasant floral notes. Fresh and fruity entry, with acidity and juiciness. On the palate it is round, with the presence of slight tannins and a silky texture due to its contact with fine lees. Balanced medium body and long and persistent finish.
Rosado Canari

Vino Rosado Wines Of Sins Avarizza Canari 750 Ml.

Cherry red color with intense ruby ​​halo. On the nose, a touch of candied strawberry, plum jam and a persistent cherry. In the mouth it has a great sugar-acidity balance, with an unctuous and voluminous body, with a fresh fruity flavor.
Rosado Malbec

Vino Rosado Pulenta La Flor Malbec Rose 750 Ml.

It has a soft pink color. In its aroma a marked fruity intensity is perceived that reminds us of strawberries and fresh watermelon. Delicate on the palate, with sensations reminiscent of roses, raspberries and red fruits.
Rosado Blend

Vino Rosado Bressia Sylvestra Rose 750 Ml..

Delicate intensity pink color with salmon reflections. Very attractive. Very fruity, with aromas of raspberry and cherry. Citrus notes of grapefruit, limes and kumquats. Florals like red roses. Very fresh, fruity and balanced body. Good structure. Balanced acidity.

El vino rosado es aquel que tiene algo del color típico del vino tinto, pero solo lo suficiente como para darle un color rosa, que puede ir del claro al fuerte casi violeta, según las uvas y las técnicas de producción usadas.

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