Vino Pinot Noir Manos Negras 750 Ml.
Vino Pinot Noir Manos Negras 750 Ml.
Vino Pinot Noir Manos Negras 750 Ml.
Vino Pinot Noir Manos Negras 750 Ml.
Vino Pinot Noir Manos Negras 750 Ml.

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Vino Pinot Noir Manos Negras 750 Ml.


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Elegant, fresh and ethereal wine. This Pinot Noir is the result of various micro-fermentations at different harvest points, with this we seek to capture a palette of flavors and aromas to achieve complexity in the final cut.

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Winegrower Alejandro Sejanovich and educator Jeff Maubasch worked together in Catena before joining forces with two New Zealand winemakers to start Manos Negras. 

Product Details

Pinot Noir
Estilo de vino
Tinto de percistencia media
Método de elaboración
Fermentación regular
Crianza en madera
type of container
línea ó Segmento
Región Atlántica
Zona Vitivinícola
Alto Valle
Ideal para una cena romántica
6 Items

About Manos Negras

The Manos Negras wines are latitude wines, which want to express the different characteristics of the wine-growing areas of Argentina, choosing the variety that best expresses themselves in each terroir. In Patagonia in the south of the country, we make two pinot of red soils in a vineyard in Añelo, going up in altitude we reach Paraje Altamira, there we focus on Malbec as a varietal and cut with Cabernet Sauvignon, without leaving Mendoza in the area of ​​the Trees we make a white Chardonnay. Manos Negras represents the winemakers who work in the vineyard, rolling up their sleeves and getting involved, black hands stained with wine.

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