Achaval Ferrer - Dolce Malbec - 500 Ml.
Achaval Ferrer - Dolce Malbec - 500 Ml.
Achaval Ferrer - Dolce Malbec - 500 Ml.
Achaval Ferrer - Dolce Malbec - 500 Ml.
Achaval Ferrer - Dolce Malbec - 500 Ml.

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Achaval Ferrer - Dolce Malbec - 500 Ml.

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Made from Malbec raisins, its name and production is inspired by this Italian tradition that is already a universal classic. With this process, the fruit retains its characteristic natural acidity.


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Product Details

Estilo de vino
Método de elaboración
Fermentación regular
Crianza en madera
Entre 900 y 1000 msnm
Región Atlántica
Zona Vitivinícola
Valle Catamarca
Ideal para regalar a mamá
Ideal para acompañar postres donde el ingrediente principal sea el chocolate.
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About Achaval Ferrer

Achaval Ferrer protected the legacy of time at a time when the old was replaced by the new. Today, we continue to care for that legacy by maintaining the DNA of centuries-old plants and combining passion with wisdom to create wines that express the mystique of the exceptional terroir to which they belong. That is what we do. Because no one has more experience than time, and no one knows more than nature; in this way they manage to respect the terroir in order to achieve the minimum intervention.

They have 54 protected hectares and vineyards of more than 111 years old. 

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