Vino Garnacha Desquiciado 750 Ml.
Vino Garnacha Desquiciado 750 Ml.
Vino Garnacha Desquiciado 750 Ml.
Vino Garnacha Desquiciado 750 Ml.
Vino Garnacha Desquiciado 750 Ml.

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Vino Garnacha Desquiciado 750 Ml.

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This wine is made with grapes from Gualtallary - Tupungato, in the heart of the Uco Valley. The grapes were extracted from vines that are located on sandy soils where we can find many boulders. The Syrah comes from Pareditas, located in the department of San Carlos, in the Uco Valley. This wine is composed of 85% Garnacha and 15% Syrah. To make it, we used a cement tank with epoxy in which a co-fermentation between both varietals was carried out. Once the fermentation process was completed, the wine rested in the same tank for 4 months before bottling. It is not aged in oak barrels.

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Desquiciado is a project by Gonzalo Tamagnini, with which he seeks to convey the madness produced by producing a bottle of wine. Together with Mart Sesto, with whom they met working for Alejandro Sejanovich and Jeff Mausbach, they agreed on ideas and on the passion they feel for this world, and decided to infect this fanaticism with their own label. Making wine requires many steps, in which there is always an unexpected challenge. This arouses a desire for constant improvement, expectations, the desire to innovate and try different recipes. This search has taken them to a natural and wild state, to the point of being a crazy couple.

Product Details

Estilo de vino
Joven fresco y frutal
Método de elaboración
Fermentación regular
Crianza en madera
No tiene paso por barrica
Entre 1100 y 1200 msnm
type of container
línea ó Segmento
Región Atlántica
Zona Vitivinícola
Mendoza Valle de Uco
Lo tomaría en un asado con amigos y amigas!
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About Desquiciado

The raw material comes from the Gualtallary area, in Tupungato. Specifically, they use vineyards established years ago by Jean Bousquet. In these plots there are “different types of soil, with alluvial characteristics.

The Malbec vineyard is a trellis with shallow soil, with a greater existence of sand, "which is very important when making wines with medium concentrations and low yields".

Regarding the Cabernet Franc, it is located on the same farm but “further down and over vineyard. The characteristics of the soil are similar but with a higher concentration of silt and with pebbles on the surface. They use this plot in order to maintain the typicality and not the concentration of polyphenols.

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